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Hotels & Restaurants Management Cloud Platform from trustangle


Dear Executive,

Most hotels have restaurants and cafes inside so we can imagine how difficult it is for hotels to manage their day-to-day operations and business, which drives trustangle to find the best solution for your daily hotel operations the smart platform called “Infrasys Cloud”.
Infrasys Cloud is a cloud-based Point of Sale (POS) solution, built to support hotel chains around the world. Infrasys Cloud is designed to run on any device and operating system, offers a robust management feature set; is easy to use, easy to learn, and hardware agnostic.

Why Infrasys from trustangle?

  • Highly secure data platform. Local data storage at POS level and auto-scaled server capacity to meet hotel’s needs
  • Cloud-based solution with offline capability
  • Open technology platform with public API for quick and easy implementation of 3rd party software
    It is updated and modified based on employee productivity. Simple and intuitive UX leads to easy setup & operation and low training efforts
  • Saves time and increases sales as well as customer satisfaction.
  • Works on any operating system. No hardware dependency. The system supports 3rd party hardware as well as tablets (Samsung, iPad). Multiple Operating systems supported such as iOS, Android, Window
  • Gets automatic updates when listings change.
  • Centralized management, reporting, inventory, SKUs, media management, massive scalability, and plenty more.
  • Dashboards are designed to fit your menu, larger buttons for frequently used items, or simply for those you want to sell more of.
  • It is fully integrated with payment solutions and provides various payment methods: credit cards, room charge, etc.
  • Built-in multilingual functionality, Infrasys Cloud helps you train staff and provide local service to your international clients.
  • A fully featured mobile restaurant point of sale to receive orders at the table.
  • Pre-order online through the web-enabled app, Android or iOS devices.
  • Provide digital menus and allow your guest to order on a mobile device.
  • Pulls the reports you need to manage your restaurant quickly and efficiently.

Infrasys Cloud is approved by international hotels around the world and is integrated with PMS solutions.

What are you waiting for? Contact trustangle team at: [email protected] to arrange a Free Infrasys Consultation.